Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coach Larry Yarbray's case is dismissed

I often think no one pays me any attention. But when the story broke about Coach Larry Yarbray, folks I didn’t think read the blog asked me my thoughts on the matter. 

My answer was consistent.  ‘I don’t know what happened, but something happened.’

It only took one phone call for me to get all the details. Things worked out just as expected although we’re pleasantly surprised the judge dismissed the case after the victim’s second no show. Always thinking the worse, we thought it would be dragged out a lot longer.

As President Obama likes to say, it’s been a 'teachable moment' for all the people involved, including the people spreading crazy rumors with no basis other than the newspaper reports. 

Emotions are sometimes hard to control and predict and when police are involved they often have to make snap decisions based on what they see and hear at the moment they arrive. Whether they were right or wrong in this case has to be weighed against something going bad after they leave. Most police won’t take that chance and you can’t blame them.

I look forward to Coach Yarbary picking up where he left off and moving on with his life as a coach and father. Remnants of this incident are bound to linger for a while as it’s impossible to erase the allegations which were grossly embellished. 

The ‘so called’ victim has moved on choosing to allow this case to go away. So should we.

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  1. your a joke roots he needs to be fired larry

    1. Depends on if you believe what they write or what I write.

  2. who are you mr roots

  3. Great article Stefan!!!!