Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Sale. Desktop Computer for $50. Laptop $150.

TeamChildren would like to thank our men and woman who donated their lives serving for our country.  

In honor of the holiday we are giving $10.00 off any desktop computer.  Making the prices range from $50-$150.   We do have  laptops available ranging in price from $150-$225. Please call for availability.

Each of our computers is loaded with extraordinary software, a $500 value.  

Babies, toddlers actually any child or even senior citizens at any age can learn reading, math, encyclopedic knowledge, and MUSIC at their own pace and interest with our incredible learning software.  Learn more

TeamChildren is the only non-profit in the USA authorized to distribute this software with our computers.  

Do you or your kids need to do research online?  Use our internet safe browser from AWE Learning.  

This browser connects them to resourceful websites to help them learn. Some of these sites include the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute for Natural History, and Discovery Kids.

Computer Prices

 Desktop #1   $50.00
2.6-2.8 GHz, 1+ Gigs of Ram, 40+ Gig Hard Drive, CD-Drive 15” Flat screen

Desktop #2   $100
HP/ Dell/IBM Tower 2.8 GHZ, 2 Gig of Ram, 80+ Gig Hard Drive, DVD Drive,
15“ Flat screen monitor

Desktop #3  $150
Dual Core, 2 gigs of Ram, 80 Gigs Hard Drive,DVD Drive or CD Writer, Windows 7, 17” Flat Screen Monitor    

Refurbished L A P T O P   $150 - $225

Laptop 1 $150   Dell/IBM/HP Pentium M LAPTOP 1.6- 1.8 GHz, Was $200
 750mb Ram, 40-80 Gig Hard Drive, Win-XP

Laptop 2 $160 HP Dual Core Was $275
1.5 Gigs of Ram, 60+ Gig Hard Drive, Windows 7
DVD Drive or CD Writer. 

Laptop 3 Dual Core $175-$185 Was $225  
2 Gig Ram, 60+ Gig Hard Drive, Windows 7 

CD Writer DVD, Wireless 

960 W. Rittenhouse Road. Audubon, PA 610.666.1795

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