Saturday, March 9, 2013

SURVEY: Which town is more trifling?

44 votes
Chester 59%
Upper Darby 40%

To all you Chester people who voted Chester more trifling than Upper Darby, please pack you things and move to 69th Street immediately.

Every time I speak with Daily Times editor Phil Heron, I thank him for convincing readers that Upper Darby is more crime ridden than Chester. Upper Darby crime stories outnumber Chester crime stories by a landslide. And they have all kinds of crazy crime. 

Yet, survey says 6 out of 10 people vote Chester as more trifling than Upper Darby 

Maybe it’s because Chester doesn’t have a bustling business district like 69th Street. Or maybe the shows at Harrah’s aren’t as good as the ones at the Tower Theater. Or maybe the movie theater in Upper Darby is the only place to see the black movies that get kicked out of all the other theaters after the first week. Or maybe the 69th Street terminal provides better transportation than the Chester Transportation Center. Or maybe Upper Darby beauty schools hold more weight than Widener University. 

Or maybe Upper Darby’s police superintendent Michael Chitwood fights crime better than Chester’s police commissioner Joseph Bail. 

Or maybe it has something to do with the demographics.

  • Upper Darby has 41,000 people versus Chester with 35,000. 
  • Upper Darby has 18,000 blacks, 12,000 whites, 8,000 asians, 3,000 hispanics, and a significant smattering of Indians, Africans, and others.
  • Chester has 26,000 blacks, 6,000 whites, 3,000 hispanics, and that’s about it. 
  • Average income per household in Upper Darby is $41,000 vs $28,000 in Chester. The average home value in Upper Darby is $127,000 vs $71,000 in Chester. 
  • Both Chester and Upper Darby have failing schools. 
  • Upper Darby is land locked. Chester has a river, a railroad, an interstate highway, and a bridge to the shore. Both Upper Darby and Chester have easy access to the airport. 

Please share what influenced you to vote the way you did. 


  1. I voted for Chester because the young people of the city don't have a sense of pride in the neighborhood, when was the last time you seen anyone under the age of 40 clean in front of there home or on there street where they live. I place a trash can outside and yet the young people still throw the trash on the grown and into the street. I live of 5th st. and I have seen people throw trash out the frint door and if it doesn't make it in the trash can where ever it lands it stays now how nasty is that. you can walk down just about any street in Chester and find dope bags, blunt tobacco, food containers, beer cans, soda cans ect ect everywhere and the first thing a young person will say " it's not mine, I didn't pay for it" I mean really we may live in a ghetto but it doesn't have to look like one.....Lamont2086

    1. One of the first 2 blog posts back in 2013 is Chester is Trashy.

      I live in the middle of a block with a bodega and a Chinese take-out on the corner. By the time their customers get to my house, they finish their chips, candy, sodas, and shrimp fried rice and my sidewalk becomes their trash can. I pick more trash from in front of my house than I collect from imside my house on some weeks.

  2. Ud population is close to 80,000... And twice the size is land área.... and Chester has more crime then any town in delco, montco, chesco... get your facts right.

    1. It's not like I had the time to go count all the people myself. My source is the 2010 census. According to the census, Upper Darby is not a city. The area they consider as Upper Darby may be smaller than what you may consider Upper Darby.

      I'm not counting actual crimes either. But readers of the Daily Times read far more Upper Darby crime stories than Chester.

      Isn't that what I said?

    2. it should be obvious by now..chester doesn't give the news media all access to their "CRIME"

    3. Aren't all arrest and court filings pubic record?

    4. my only guess is that the news media(daily times) find that the head honcho on upper darby is far more entertaining then commissioner joe bail.

  3. your blog of may 25th,2011???