Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Chester City Blog

Still a baby, but growing fast, the Chester City Blog turns 3 years old this weekend.

I asked a friend what 3 big events happens when a child turns 3. 

  1. They start copying everyone, especially if they have older siblings.
  2. They start talking in a manner that most people can understand (although their parents understand everything).
  3. They come out of the terrible 2s and stop acting like a baby.

How does this relate to the Chester City Blog?

  1. Based on the increased readership, I expect to update the blog design and copy elements from other blogs in a new functional format. 
  2. I expect to add a lot more video post which aids people to better understand topics that don’t convey well in the written word.
  3. With new function comes more work which justifies getting paid. Can’t baby this blog with free content much longer. Gotta stop acting like a baby and seek advertisers, sponsors, and donations. 

Three years ago, I was so naive, I thought a blogger was a black-logger. Now, we’re ranked very high on the Internet search engines, especially when you search on anything Chester. Crime, politics, race, and basketball continues to generate the most traffic. Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous still provides more comments than anyone else. 

As we trudge through our terrific 3s, what would you like to see?


  1. you would think that at least!!! of the many anonymous who are out there giving comments on your blog, would give you a shout out!!