Sunday, May 27, 2012

Likely Solution to Chester School Crisis

A Republican-penned bill that would pave the way for state takeovers of Pennsylvania school districts veering toward financial collapse has the support of Gov. Tom Corbett and began advancing in the legislature on Tuesday over the objections of Democrats.
A chief recovery officer would be named to develop and implement a financial recovery plan, which could include renegotiation of contracts or the conversion to a charter school. Districts adopting and implementing financial recovery plans also would be eligible for long-term interest-free loans.
Last month, the state-appointed board of control for Duquesne announced plans to send seventh- and eighth-grade students to neighboring schools in 2012-13 to keep the financially strapped district operating at least one more year. The state approved the plan on Monday.
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  1. for many, many, years, bill riley of chester has been complaining about the administration of the chester-upland school district!!!

    sounds like it may come to pass that people realize that he was right about all the mismanagement that has been going on!!!

    by giving the children the education that they deserve, could change a lot of things in hometown...