Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Hate when Newspapers Continue

I’ve never like that most newspapers continue articles on other pages. It’s like they don’t trust that I’m going to turn the page after reading a story.
The USA Today newspaper was the first I saw that didn’t continue articles on other pages and I adopted that format with the Chester Spotlight.
There’s nothing more frustrating than turning to the continuation page and the article is either not on the page they send you to or not anywhere to be found in the paper. No paper is exempt. It has happened in every paper I’ve ever read.
This week’s missing continuation is brought to you by the Chester Spirit. The article I was most interested in reading ‘School leader offers ideas to cut costs, raise revenue’ was to continue on page 10 but was lost on the printing room floor.
I see that Chester Spirit is under construction. Hopefully the new Spirit will stop breaking up articles with continuations. I promise, I will read every page. 

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