Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celtics 76ers hard to watch

From the beginning, I figured that if Boston could put all their players on the court, they would beat Philly.
The 76ers got past the Bulls only because of Rose and Noah’s absence, and our hope was that Ray Allen’s ankles were too damaged or that Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce would start showing their age. 
No such luck.

But the 76ers did surprise me by taking it to game seven. Sure, they should have won game one, but they also should have lost the game with that improbable 18 point comeback win.
Needless to say, Rajon Rondo was the difference. All season the Sixers have had trouble with really good guards like Deron Williams, Lebron James, Chris Paul and Tony Parker, yet they play exceptionally good defense on big guys.
What makes the Sixers so hard to watch is their horrible shooting. 
As Doug Collins so nicely put it at the end of the first quarter, “We’re getting good looks.” That means my guys are missing open shots.
You should not win when you take 80 shots and only make 28 of them. Even the announcers were taking jabs at the Sixers for shooting under 30% for much of the game but somehow keeping it close. “It’s a great game for padding your rebounding stats.”
I love the Sixer’s heart but I’ve got to get ESPN Classic to watch more games when basketball players could make an open jump shot, the scores were in the 100’s, and players weren’t complaining to the refs after every play.
Go Spurs!

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