Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chester woman dies after falling through floor of her house

I just happened to be visiting my parents home earlier today when I noticed police, ambulances, a news truck, Mayor John Linder, and lot of neighbors gathered on the corner.

Since most of the old neighbors no longer live on the block, I didn't recognize anyone to ask what was going on, but it obviously wasn't good.

When I learned that a lady fell to her death through the floor of the house, I was shocked. I later learned that they were the orgininal owners of the home that we played with as children.

My deepest condolences go out to the Taggart Family, especially my life long friend Linda.

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  1. My heart gose out to her and her family.

  2. I grew up on Norris Street and knew the Taggart's very well. They have my family's deeps thoughts and prays with them right now.

    I think I should add some insight to the reports:

    There are 6 clusters of homes on that street, 8 if you count the ones on 6th street. There are 2 clusters there, one of which is where the Taggart's live, that sit very close to the fence that boarders the train tracks.

    It is difficult to get lawn equipment back there but I wouldn't say that no one goes in their backyards. Though the city has come through to clear the overgrown brush once or twice.