Friday, December 9, 2011

Who is in charge of Chester City communications?

I’ve complained for years that Chester city government does a horrible job of communicating to it’s citizens. In fact, I haven’t received a press release from the city in about 3 months.
Yesterday, someone asked me who to submit information to be published on the City of Chester Community Channel 10. I didn’t know but I suggested Emily Harris.
They told me Emily hasn’t worked for the city for months. Is that true?
I guess communications isn’t a priority around here.

Should it be?


  1. I've been informed that Ms. Harris has left her position as the mayor's communications director at some point in the past.

    Best of luck to her in her future pursuits. She was very at good at what she did. She just didn't do it enough, but I don't blame it all on her.

  2. Emily did a great job and it is a shame she is no longer in City Hall. Best of luck emily in whatever comes next. Where ever you go is lucky to have you.