Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunoco is really planning to stop refining gasoline

Not a day goes by without someone asking if the situation at Sunoco’s refinery affects me. 
If they could read my mind they’d hear me asking them, ‘Why wouldn’t it affect me? I work there don’t I?’
It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that a lot of Chester people really don’t believe these refineries are shutting down. Could it be because so few Chester people work in these refineries, therefore, not many Chester families are affected?

As I child, nearly all my friends had a parent or family member who worked at one of the petrochemical plants on the Delaware River. 

Now, most of Sunoco's Chester employees were hired 25 years ago. I joined less than 10 years ago and there were no Chester folks hired with me and hardly any since then. I wonder why. You only need a high school education to do what I do. 
As the communities surrounding Marcus Hook brace for economic devastation, Chester may be spared due to so few families working there and so few businesses that support the refineries and their workers. 
Check out the Live From the Newsroom Daily Times video from last night that featured the mayor of Marcus Hook and a Sunoco union rep. Some good facts were reveled. 


  1. Mayor elect is consulting with Joe bail, he needs to have his head examine..... That man is a lie, cheat , and crazzy.... He is getting sued for lieing about a cop, he was caught in numerious lies and now the city is going to pay, please tell this new mayor to get rid of him, iam telling you he is no good......

  2. Alrighty then. What does mayor-elect and Joe Bail have to do with Sunoco?

  3. He is making poor descisions like Sunoco. His descicions will afect everyone just like Sunoco's are efecting alot of folks. All the money they made they could keep operating unitl the plant is bought. I am giving a heads up Joe Bail is no good, I am trying to give the heads up......

  4. I believe my husband would have applied if he knew there was openings (maybe not a decade ago, but maybe 1/2 the time ago). When I look online for jobs, I hardly ever see anything out of Chester or near it with openings, and usually, the Chester resident isn't getting the job just because of his address.

    I guess it's too late to tell my husband to apply... And I hope you are able to rebound quickly from this job loss.