Friday, December 9, 2011

Murder at the Sunoco A+

I don’t cover crime or shootings as a rule in this blog, but I must comment on Brother Fareed’s murder at the Sunoco A+ on 9th and Kerlin.
Every now and then, there is a murder in Chester that affects us all whether we know the victim or not. Little kids, innocent bystanders, and people inside of their homes getting shot from stray bullets coming from the outside, are murders that galvanize us all.
Everybody goes to the Sunoco A+ on 9th and Kerlin and it’s not because the have the cheapest gas in town (which they normally do). It’s because the owners have become like brothers to the many customers who shop there.

They’re open almost 24 hours a day providing a service to everyone who needs anything from a gallon of gas, a pack of squares, a cup of coffee, a roll of toilet paper, a gallon of milk, candy and gum, a Daily Times, or an ATM machine. 
The store is always fully stocked with the stuff people buy in this community. The store is always clean despite the tremendous foot traffic. The staff is always fast and courteous to us customers. 
About the only flaw is that their gas pumps don’t all accept credit/debit cards, which obviously doesn’t drive away business as hundreds of gas customers per day come inside and are forced to deal with the owners face to face. 
Fareed and I always have a fun exchange every time I purchase something there. Just yesterday, on my way to work, I stopped for a bag of Herr’s and a bean pie.
When Fareed tells me the total, I tell him I can’t afford it while handing him the money. Then, he always says to me , ‘You’ll be able to afford it one day.’
Based on the number of people who drove up, walked up, and slowed down while driving by, so many of us are devastated by the murder of Brother Fareed.
He was like a Brother to so many of us. 


  1. That's so sad. That is why it is so difficult to get other businesses to invest in the city!

  2. People need 2 call all family members together. You know your family & what they do. Talk 2 everyone right & wrong ones & tell them 2 get their acts together!! Form a bond 2 help each other! Everyone get jobs & put money together 2 meet the needs! Stop trying 2 take what others work hard 2 get! Train teens early 2 work & save!

  3. I am truly saddened that this man died this way, after providing a smile to everyone in this small city. I remember moving here and always stopping by the APlus to get a snack on my way home from Chester High.

    I am more saddened that the youth in the city have no regard or respect for another human life. Granted, older people shoot and kill in Chester on any given day, but we always hear a (stupid) story behind it where there was an altercation of some sort right before. This was unnecessary and I am truly saddened by this event. To just wipe away one of GOD's children, as one of GOD'
    s children (because no matter who it was, they are a child of GOD) shows the monster within. I just pray that I, nor one of my loved ones or anyone I know or don't, has to encounter such madness in the short time we have on this earth.

    Peace be upon you Brother Fareed and may you rest eternally in GOD's paradise.

  4. "Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way." Martin Luther King, Jr.
    The person or persons who committed this act of violence is dangerous and needs to be removed from the community. Anyone with information should do the right thing and call the Chester Police or the County detectives immediately!

  5. People committing these crimes must realize that most people in Chester are ALL experiencing some sort of struggle, loss, or lack & trying 2 make ends meet! So don't harm anyone ask for help! Go 2 your mom, dad, family. The youth around here tease each other over expensive clothes & sneakers but go home 2 no food on table! Parents change youth perspectives & don't close your eyes 2 their activity! We need 2 regroup & train our youth there's No POWER in material things! Knowledge & people working & pooling resources together builds power! These youth should be in seminars building businesses! But parents have 2 participate 2 get our needs met! All the people @ Chester Highs game is a great start!

  6. I am so, so upset over senseless crime! The should begin making access 2 everything through use of scanable licenses! That way everyone that enters is recorded. If they have RECORDs, the places they enter don't know but the info in database & can monitor. That is the future...hinder the future offender. These people wanting 2 steel from others should be getting there crew together, working even at fast food places 2 learn the business & then pooling money together 2 own there own businesses!

  7. To Perpetrators: How would you feel if it were your mother, sister, another family member? Besides that, you don't ever get enough money to take care of your needs for rest of your life do you are better off getting a job that pays slow but steady and staying with your Momma because you Take from others youbobviously don't have the guts to man up and EARN your own and don't have wisdom to know that stealing does NOT last!

  8. I have noticed, that every time something negative occurs in Chester, there are a certain group of people that have negative, uninformed comments about the general Chester population! They continue to be blinded & ignorant & oblivious to the crime occurring around the entire world! What I get from people like this...they are uneducated. They are doing poorly themselves & have nothing to do that is positive. Crime occurs in wealthy & not so wealthy neighborhoods! Do something to help those in need. If you have half a brain, you would there is good & evil everywhere, not just in Chester!