Saturday, December 31, 2011

Federal money for housing for the poor decreasing rapidly

Picked up the Citypaper this morning and read a story that confirmed my blog post from yesterday concerning federal budget cuts for housing.

The spending reductions create only modest savings in the federal budget, but are acutely painful for cash-strapped cities struggling to cope with decades of disinvestment, decline and now economic crisis. Since 2010, congressional Republicans have made deficit reduction the centerpiece of their agenda, focusing their cuts on programs that assist poor and working-class citizens. As a result, Philly's federal housing funding is down 33 percent from just two years ago.
Click HERE for 'Cut to the Bone'


  1. It will motivate people to strive for more, and people can have more pride. To many handouts and people take it and dont bother to work hard and strive for a better life. Put a time limit on section 8 !!!

  2. There is a limit on Section 8 vouchers, hence the very long waiting list.

    What do you consider a handout?

  3. When your collecting section 8, ssi, food stamps etc, for more then two years there is a promblem.....