Saturday, December 31, 2011

It Stinks Around Here

It seems like every few months the stench in the air is unbearable. I go into sneezing fits, but a lot of people around here don't seem to notice.

The last few weeks have been bad. This morning is exceptionally bad. Maybe it's just me, but the air smells a lot different here than in Prospect Park this morning. 

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  1. Two words: Marucus Hook

  2. Wrong. It's called Covanta Energy - trash to steam.

    Haven't you been reading the papers? The refineries are idle. There hasn't been a drop of oil coming down the Delaware River to Marcus Hook in over a month.

    Marcus Hook is dead.

  3. That smell has been in the air for years. I believe that is what is wrong with our children today. The chemicals that are coming from that part of town blowing from front street way past the highway. The trash to steam and Delcora are both guilty for those chemicals that are killing our people and they don't even know it.

  4. The "chemicals" you see coming from the Covanta and Delcora towers is basically water vapor. When waste is burned in these places, the gases produced are forced through several stages of "scrubbers". These remove the vast majority of constituents in the exhaust air. (They have's the law).

    I realize that these places are easy scapegoats for public problems (and sometimes, that is the case)...but don't be so quick to point your finger at these facilities. They do more good than you might think for the public.