Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chester Diva in New York Times

Photo by
Ryan Collerd for the
New York Times
So what? I've known her since I was a Biddy baller and she lived across the street from Smedley. We've been friends practically all our lives. But when she showed me that she was in the New York Times, I was too done.
Della Beaver is taking life by the horns and making things happen for herself. Always classy and stylish, intelligent and well read, curious and compassionate, my friend Della is the whole package.
She's one of the best legal minds I know to not be a lawyer. Her experience as a paralegal is top notch as she can incorporate your business or do the necessary research to make your case.
Over the past few years she has embraced the internet in a big way and 'learned' me a few a things about where to find talent and merchandise. She is an image consultant specializing in handbags, shoes and accessories and mentors women from across the country.
She's currently enrolled in the posh Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan to master her craft.
Check out her mention in the New York Times HERE.
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  1. Thank you Stefan!! I am honored!!

  2. So true! Della is an amazing woman, and I am very happy to know her!

  3. That's my baby Sis! Although she is younger than I, she is my inspiration!

    Love you Girl! Keep doing you, because there is no one like you!

  4. Diva Della, this is inspiring and I'm glad I found this. What am humble spirited caring individual you are.

    To your sweet success!

    Deana Murphy
    The Expert on Lifestyle Design