Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tyreke Evans returns to Chester with VSP Vision Care

Chester native and New Orleans Pelican guard Tyreke Evans came home last week with the VSP Vision Care lab on wheels providing free eye exams and glasses to children.

Unfortunately, his schedulers and I couldn't connect on a time to meet with Tyreke so there will be no C-CityBlogger coverage for 2014. Looking around, I can't find any local coverage of his visit. (More reason to continue my search for those elusive interns who want to work).

Here's a story of Tyreke's visit from DIME Magazine. Of course, the basketball magazine will interview him on basketball, but there are a couple good questions in the beginning. 

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  1. Guess I spoke too soon. The Daily Times has a photo and caption of Tyreke and others at his basketball camp in Sunday's paper. Tyreke's visit was a week ago and it wasn't worthy of a story in the Times. Basketball trumps eye care is what the photo choice says to me. More reason why we have to tell our own stories.

  2. thats a first from you mr slave you are wake up

    1. Certainly not the first time I've challenged the Daily Times if that's what you mean. I'm an equal opportunity hater of what I perceive as wrong.