Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adrian Peterson has redefined the Switch

When I turned on Sports Center last night, I was hearing about the Peterson issue for the first time. I couldn't believe how much time they were giving it. I was shocked that it was being compared to Ray Rice clocking his boo. 

Adrian Peterson, and those of us who are following this story, are learning the new rules of discipling a child are far different than the old rules. What used to be a good old fashion whooping will now have you locked up and labeled.

As a kid, we use to see the bushes in the front yard as the abuser. If we went buck wild, mom or dad would simply tell us to go break off a switch of our own choosing, remove the leaves, and bring it to them. I never thought the punishment fit the crime when that switch, or belt, or cat nine tail, or Hot Wheel track, or extension cord was wearing out our hind parts, but we got the message loud and clear, washed our hands, and came down for dinner.

And we still call them the good old days. 

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  1. That's the rpoblem in our society now and then people wonder why some kids turn out the way we do. Im 45 years old and I appreciate ecvery butt whooping I got because it made me better and it made me think hard about doing something wrong. Not only did I get in trouble with my mother but the neighbor discplined me as well. Kids now know if they do wrong they parents can't beat that. Makes no sense at all. let my kids do something, they getting their butt whooped and on top of that privileges are being taken away. The justice system has no right telling us how we should raise our kids.... Can't put my government name someone may read this and call the cops.. LOL what a joke