Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just another day of White privilege

As the Summer Season of modern day race relations is coming to a close, a few recent stories caught my eye that almost convinces me there may be a winter league formed this year.

Yesterday, there was Stu Bykofsky giving us his perspective growing up as a poor white and how it shaped his view on all this talk about White Privilege. Click HERE.

Today’s Daily Times features an edited version on ‘Blacks, Hispanics doubt media accuracy’, to which I’ll add, ‘But they won’t read the Philadelphia Tribune or Al Dia.’ Click HERE for the unedited version.

Finally, while listening to ‘Troy Torain Live and Direct’ yesterday, he mentioned that a new statue of Amy Winehouse went up in England this week but black folks haven’t seen fit to erect one of Michael Jackson here in America. 

Stay tuned for more race relations news as the new Fall Season begins. 

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