Monday, September 15, 2014

Balancing coverage of ‘the two Chesters’ is a good read

In today’s, editor Phil Heron writes about his impossible job of trying to please all his readers with Chester news stories. Some folks like crime, some folks like good stories. 

In 2006, when I started the Chester Spotlight paper, my mission was to only bring good news. But, in issue 6, a Chester teacher who coached a girl's sport came to me with a not so good story that I decided to write and print. The reaction was immediate. Folks loved it. Some told me that this was the type of story they want to see all the time. I was shocked.

The lesson learned was that everyone wants to read bad news despite what they say. The only people who love good news are the people involved in the good news. 

If you want consistent readership, bring on the bad news, controversy, drama, malfeasance, dirt, scandal, innuendo and crime. Occasionally sprinkle in a little good news so the people in the story will have something to snip, frame and hang in their home or office.

That’s the formula for a good read. 

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