Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photographer Patricia Wagner featured at I Can I Will art show

On Saturday, August 16, Concord Road between Tilghman and Central will be graced with creations from local artists. Portions of each purchased made at this year’s ‘I Can I Will’ art show will be donated to the future Chester Children Art Center.

One of the Chester artists displaying her work is photographer Patricia Wagner. She has the unique talent to turn her photographs into large framed pieces of art. 

Not all photographers are the same, especially in this digital age. There are four distinct skills to photography today, and Pat has mastered them all.

All artists are blessed with an ability to see things that many of us take for granted. Pat’s subjects are normally very common objects which she captures on camera to work her magic.

To be a great artist, you need great equipment. Sure, you can take a good photo with an IPhone, but there’s a reason good cameras cost over $500 and lenses cost 3 times that much. She has mastered her equipment and it reflects in her art.

In the digital age, the post production is what separates the amateur from the professional. This is the step that makes Pat the great artist she is. Taking a photo is relativity easy. Making that photo stand out can take hours of detailed work on a computer adding color correction, impressionist strokes, depth of field, lighting, etc., using tools like PhotoShop, Lightroom, their plugins, or other high end software. If you don’t know what ‘in the raw’ means in digital photography, you are not editing like a professional. 

What you do with your finished photography is called presentation. Patricia can produce a simple 4x6 photo which takes little effort, to creating billboard sized prints at the highest of resolutions. She frames some of her work and the hard cover photo books she creates are amazing.

Come see Patricia Wagner’s amazing photography on display at the I Can I Will art show August 16. Don’t forget your check book. 

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