Friday, August 1, 2014

Chester schools give Dr. Dre Beats headphones to new students

As an incentive to entice charter school students to transfer into the public school system, the Chester-Upland school district is promising to provide students a laptop computer and a pair of Dr. Dre’s, as if the laptop wasn’t enough.

No one is complaining about the laptop but the Dr. Dre’s are raising a few eyebrows. This program may not be practical, but I think it’s a genius concept.

The Dr. Dre’s will get the student's attention and encourage them to bug their parents to look into it. The parents may get excited about the laptop and agree that it’s worth transferring to a new school.

In the Spirit paper, Receiver Joe Watkins says, “We’re competing for kids like everybody else. If we are able to save $8 million by spending $8,000, then that’s an expenditure well worth it,” ...

According to my math, if we use $25,000 as the money that leaves the district when a student goes charter, they are looking for about 300 student transfers ($8mill/$25k). That $8,000 figure nets about $25 per incentive ($8k/300), and you can’t buy a laptop and headphones for $25.

Despite the math and the creative attempt to get students back to the district, you’d think adults would come up with something other than a pair of Dr. Dre’s. 

It was just 7 months ago, only 25 miles up I-95, that 21 year old Christian Massey was gunned down for these very headphones. 

If they don’t think classmates won’t be jealous seeing the new students flaunting free Dr. Dre’s, they’re living in a fantasy world. 


  1. I got the letter in the mail last week, abs I find it insulting that the district thinks you can bribe parents with material goods at the expense of a child's education, most parents have put their children in charter schools, to get a "better education " for them and smaller class sizes and for the extra curricular I.e. gym, music. ... Not once on that letter did it say how they were fixing their broken system. ...I as a parent was insulted. Fix the system show results and the parents will bring the children back. ...

  2. LMAO - this is crazy. Glad my kids do not attend CUSD or Charter

  3. If you do ur home work you know that the class sizes are about the same and that the children are learning. The charter school is no different than Chester upland and the. children are in some cases worst than the district kids. when charter are done with them they send the children back to the district. do ur homework

  4. chester schools not charter are better check out pde website test score show chester not charter or better so again ms Jennings check your facts