Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chicago whips Las Vegas in Little League World Series

Chester's version of Jackie Robinson baseball
Let’s be real. No one expected Las Vegas to lose and Chicago didn’t whip them. But they sure beat them and sent the golden boys home crying. 

In another nail biter game on the American side of the bracket, the black boys from the crime ridden south side of Chicago (aka Chi-raq) came with their ‘A’ game to become national champions of Little League Baseball. 

Down 3 runs in the top of the first, they came right back and tied it in the bottom of the inning. It was at that point that I started paying close attention sensing Chicago was ready to battle. Both teams made costly errors in the final stanzas but it was the Vegas errors that proved more damaging. 

The Philadelphia Taney Dragons changed the entire complexion of Little League Baseball with their winning ways and celebrity girl pitcher. But it was the team of dark chocolate complected Chicagoans that has shaken the baseball world to its knees. 

A total non-white Little League world championship game with Chicago playing the South Koreans today at 3. Who would have ever thunk?

TV execs are certainly upset because TV ratings will be in the toilet. Trust me!

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