Friday, July 25, 2014

VIDEO: Must see video on the Chester school funding crisis

Chester: Where you live should not determine whether you learn from Samantha Mason on Vimeo.

This excellent video is a little dated, going back to when the district was threatening to close, but it makes the claim that it could signify the beginning of the end of the school district.

Back then, the district was $9 million in debt. Today, it's reported that the district is $18 million underfunded. In this week's WURD 900AM interview with Mayor John Linder, the question was asked whether the $18 million is just the 'get by' figure or the 'fully funded' figure. The answer was never provided but it makes me wonder why the community outrage and protests haven't continued over adequate school funding. 


  1. where did you dig this up from? Chris R.

    1. Dr. Hoffman-Willis sent me the link. You were wonderful. Keep up the great work. Proud of you Nova Nation.

  2. Excellent documentary!!!! It becomes most interesting when the story is told as a whole versus in parts. This is a must see for all (especially those who were educated in Chester and left).