Friday, July 25, 2014

Emoticons turned Black

The static bright yellow round smiley face you see at the end of a Facebook post or email is probably the most famous emoticon on the web. That simple pictorial representation of a facial expression has inspired thousands of other emotion depictions you see used on social media all the time.

More recently, emoticons are designed with motion animation and audio to provide short expressions you can hear as well as see. 

My daughter’s best friend assembled a team that has been working on an urban version of the animated emoticon for over a year and the site has just launched in the Apple Store. When I first heard of the concept, all I could say was: 1) Why didn’t I think of that, and 2) How can I get in on that.

If you have an I-Phone, check it out in the Apple Store under Eboticon (like black emoticon). It's $0.99.

What a genius idea! Go Tracey and team. 

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