Saturday, May 24, 2014

Operation ‘Fix Your Cameras’ to curb crime in Chester

The Delcotimes writes - City officials say more surveillance cameras on city streets will help reduce crime and make it easier to identifying criminals.
Here’s what should happen right away. Create an immediate ordinance that all businesses must install a camera facing the street that captures everyone walking into their business. This camera brings eyes to the sidewalk and street in front of the business. Give businesses a time period to get it done. Have L&I fine those who don’t comply. Installing cameras inside the business, while recommended, would not be mandatory.

Either more cameras will be installed watching the streets or fines will be collected by the city to pay for cameras to be installed where they see fit. 

Homeowners and landlords should be encouraged to install cameras facing the street, too. It shouldn’t be mandatory but homeowners should receive a small tax break if they install one.

The likelihood of finding assistance from the state and federal government is slim. Aren’t we still seeking funding for recycle trashcans?

A lot of businesses have cameras inside their buildings. I never understand why they use tiny hidden cameras. If I owned a pizza shop, for example, I’d at least have a huge camera or two behind the counter to make sure the bad guys know they’re being recorded. That’s how you reduce crime in your place of business. 

What’s your suggestions for camera surveillance?


  1. It makes sense to me, but it when it comes to technology this city is just so far behind on things, they don't take advantage of the things that are already at hand. Why haven't they made better use of the public access channel, those that are wanted for crimes should be up on there, picture and all. Also why aren't city council meetings shown for those that can't be there. Its 2014 other municipalities that are much smaller are doing these things, it could also be used by the youth to show case there skills when it comes to computer graphics, music, and entertainment.

    1. I've brought up the same points since 2006. I'm convinced it won't happen.