Saturday, May 10, 2014

Men's Summit to march in Mother's Day Parade

I invite you to join me.....and other brothers fresh from the successful May 2nd Men's Summit as we walk in the upcoming Annual Chester City Mother's Day Parade.

We will meet at the 7th Street outdoor courts at 1:00pm this year due to the fact that the parade route has been changed and the starting point is at 7th & Penn Streets.

Wear ALL WHITE, have come comfortable sneakers on, bring a towel and at least one bottle of water....the weather is expected to be sunny and beautiful but HOT HOT HOT!!!

While we know that for decades there have been many attempts to recognize, support, and galvanize the men (both old & young) of our community, our attempts to continue this work is critical.

You have been one of the long standing and often times "unrecognized" soldiers who have given so much of your personal time, resources, and energy to help make the City of Chester better.

Certainly no march, summit, or meeting alone can give us or get us what we truly desire, which is a City and community that is continuously prosperous, safe, and full of hope as well as possibility.

However, our coming together as men, fathers, brothers, uncles, sons, grandsons, nephews, etc sends a message that "we haven't given up and that there are STILL many of us out here who will step up and do our best to LEAD our people to a better tomorrow.

So I invite join me and other we march on Sunday for our Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters along with our sons and other men.

Peace and Blessings.....SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL OF THE SOLDIERS OUT HERE.....Remind them that in the City of Chester, "Men Matter".

Julani Ghana

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  1. bro jule northside all day long