Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jet Magazine puts Chester in New York Times

I’m sure you’ve heard that Jet Magazine is moving from print to digital. Don’t you feel bad for the older blacks who count on that small publication to come in the mail every week? I’ve always called it the Black Readers Digest.

I think my first barbershop was Joseah’s if it’s the one on Central Ave near 9th street (hit link below). How cool to be mentioned in the NYT. When I started going to Hair World on 4th and Central they always had the latest Jet Beauty of the Week posted on the wall. Memories!!!!

David Alan Grier did a hilarious skit on his ‘Chocolate News’ show on Jet Magazine. Ironically, the skit highlighted changes to the iconic publication, but instead of going to digital, the publisher was interviewed regarding its new smaller size. It couldn’t have been any bigger than 2” x 3”.  So funny. 

(Unfortunately, ‘Chocolate News’ episodes are hard to find, but it was in episode 10 if you’re interested in searching for it).

Click HERE for NYT article

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