Thursday, April 3, 2014

State of the City with Mayor John Linder ‘Live from the Newsroom’

I missed the Chester State of the City last week (I never get notified for some reason) and I haven’t seen any video, but the Daily Times featured Mayor John Linder on their ‘Live from the Newsroom’ program, and there is a story in the Community Spirit paper.

Based on those two sources, here’s my best stab at compiling a recap:

Chester has fiscal challenges but they can be addressed if the downtown area was developed which can happen in 10 years with the help of Widener University.

The city is safe. More police are on the street responding to more crime. There are too many guns. Citizens have increased their calls to police when they see crimes. 

PPL Park
I think mayor implied that the practice fields are going to be built at PPL Park but I’m not sure. If they are, the stadium parking will move to the West side of Rivertown near Highland Ave.

Crozer Library
The money that the city has ‘gifted’ the library in the past came from funds the city received as gifts, mostly from corporate donors. When the Linder administration took office, gift funds to the city decreased by $1.5 million. Hence, no money for the library.

Pulaski school purchase
The city didn’t attempt to purchase the building at auction to save the school district auction fees and the school district didn’t want to go to auction (or something like that). Mayor is looking to the West End of the city to become an entrepreneurial hub to spur economic development. The building is probably too far gone to be renovated. It may have to be razed. There may be a town home community built. No developer has been selected.

Live from the Newsroom
Community Spirit


  1. Now I'm told that in the past the city's gift to the library came out of the city's general fund, not some special 'gift' fund. I don't know what to believe so I imagine you're in the same boat. This type of stuff is reason why so many people don't get involved. It's hard enough to get any answers, let alone, a straight answer.

  2. I'm somewhat taken aback about the downtown section of the city being rejuvenated with the help of Widener? About 12 years ago, the University Pennsylvania sent a group down here that did research for a year then presented a comprehensive plan to the city about retail, housing and recreation in the downtown area. I had a copy of the DVD, I'll search and get it to you.