Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My 2014 trip to the Clip Joint

Chester vs Interboro in the old days
Due to bad scheduling and bad weather, I have attended only one Chester High boys basketball game this year. Here’s my observations.

The varsity team had an easy night against Glen Mills but I couldn’t help to notice that this Chester team isn’t one of the more talented ones we’ve had in the past 8 years. Despite being a little taller than average, they looked like any other high school team.

It confirms some conversations I had with Chester fans earlier in the season. One guy said that the real good teams are in AAA, like Neumann-Goretti and Imhotep. He also said that this team may be hurting due to its lack of 11th graders. They have seniors and sophomores pulling the weight. The other guy said that the Del-Val is finally starting to show some parity as any team can likely knock off the other on any given night. 

I mentioned going out to the Interboro game last year and how good a team I thought they had despite getting blown out by Chester (who didn’t). We both agreed that the Irons kid is a force like his older brothers were in the past. Looks like my Interboro mention bore fruit last night, huh?

In other news, Chester’s Junior Varsity team has a great front court. It seems Chester is manufacturing big guys when we used to be known for our guards. From the looks of things, we have a nice group of players coming up in the next year or two. 

The crowd at the Clip Joint was its typical dismal self. With the bleachers under the basket not even pulled out, you could easily take folks from one side of the gym and sit them on the other side and still have enough elbow room to eat your Skittles in peace. Why folks don’t come out to see high school basketball baffles me in this city of C-Pride. 

But, 80% of the folks that do come out are the same faithful crew. It’s like a fan fraternity. By the time you’re finished shaking hands with everyone, it’s almost half time. 

Thank God for the cheerleaders. Otherwise, you could hear a pin drop in the gym during the times that the DJ isn’t blasting the hip-hop beats. 

As I was taking my seat, somebody shouted, ‘Hey C-City Blogger, where’s your camera?’ Damn, can’t a brother just come out and enjoy a game without looking through a lens? I just smiled and said, ‘My camera called out sick.’

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