Sunday, August 11, 2013

‘Run for Your Wife’ at the Hedgerow Theater

‘Run for you Wife!’ runs through August 18. If you’re in need of a hearty laugh, this is the place to be.

I’m not too proud to admit that Broadway plays are out of my price range these days. I can’t justify paying $135 for a ticket, not to mention the cost of NYC travel and dining. 

I’ve never been to the Hedgerow and decided to check out one of their plays last week. 

I’m proud to admit that the $28 ticket price for a front row seat, 10 minute travel time, and the ability to eat at home allowed me to buy 4 tickets for the price of 1 Broadway seat.

‘Wife’ is a crazy story of a guy who gets caught living a double life and all the lies he and his buddy creates to cover his tracks. There may not be a funnier depiction of what can happen when a man’s player card has been exposed.

When I wasn’t laughing at the crazy lines, my mind was spinning trying to keep up with the lies, too. The small cast of 8 are easy to follow and the stage set doesn’t change although that set serves as two different apartments, sometimes at the same time. Brilliant how they pull that off. 

Treat yourself and check out ‘Run for Your Wife’ before it’s gone. It’s okay to take the kids but much of the dialogue will be over their head. Me and a friend took mom and her girlfriend. We’re all still laughing. 


  1. the only time i've heard, "hedgerow", it's because of a verse in led zeppelin's 'stairway to heaven'. anywhoooo...where is this theater? hopefully, you've seen budding actors who'll one day make their way on screen, into america's living rooms. hope the locals support the arts.

    1. Rose Valley. It's the oldest repertory theater in the country.

  2. The theater reminded me of the Delaware Theater company theater, but on a a smaller scale. Every seat in the house is a good one...The play was GREAT!!! ONe of the amazing things for me was realizing that the parking lot attendant was an actor in the play...

  3. The girl in pink looks like Zimmerman in drag