Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chester's Angry Grocers

Chester folks have again proven that they can find something wrong with almost anything that most other folks consider a positive. 

Who needs groceries when it will bring noise, vermin, trash, air pollution and mischievous people? 

Kudo’s to the Bottom Dollar folks for realizing that the most attractive section of the city is Widener Town. One of these days Chester will become a real college town, whether you like it or not. 

Now, to you folks in the Nova Vista neighborhood, get a grip. Your development is nearly 40 years old. The only reason it’s still considered one of Chester’s nicest neighborhoods is because Chester doesn’t build new housing developments unless it begins with the word ‘Public’. If anything, the grocery store will increase your property value since most of the rest of us will still have to drive to the store. You’ll be able to walk the shopping cart home. 

If you want to limit traffic, turn yourself into a gated community. 

As the Snicker's ads says, " You're not You when You're Hungry!" The bottom line is that we welcome a Bottom Dollar. 

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  1. Bottom Dollar LMAO. Who will shop there? Our folks are to proud and would go to Eddystone, Brookhaven or Aston. I say good job to Linder but I don't see this lasting. Bottom Dollar thanks for the laugh for today.

  2. Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle!!
    Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
    Chester, Chester, Chester folks ...WAKE UP!!
    Nothing from nothing leaves...
    Do you or do you not want economic growth? Why take your '$moulah$' to Eddystone, Brookhaven, Aston?? Demand the same economic opportunities/ quality economics, as everyone else! You have been 'crying the blues' for ions.
    Seize the opportunity to salvage what you have.
    You've already humbled yourself to 'Widnerville, Charter ghouls, I mean Charter schools (not to mention Cybor- ha, ha, schools).
    Whats another plate of ghuph!!?* RAMMED down your throat? Hey...bite!
    This time you might get full!

  3. Progress always fosters controversy. I can only hope the community embraces this latest progress. Hopefully there is enough of a consumer base to sustain this new edition to the business community. The area that has been chosen probably can be considered the most densely populated section of the city. Hopefully for Bottom Dollar and the city it is enough! I don't see commutes from the extreme west end or from the outlying neighborhoods.

  4. I've been to a bottom dollar store and it's not that cheap at all, but hey I welcome them to Chester.....Lamont2086

  5. Nova Vista isnt all that great

  6. I would welcome a grocery store in the city, I for one would like to see my money go the community that I live in, I would just hope it that it doesn't have to be built to close to a school adding unnecessary traffic around a school with the children....But bring on the Groceries, not to mention Bottom Dollar has an enclosed refrigerated produce section keeping the produce at optimal temps and that would prevent the need to travel outside the city for fresh produce, hence the people who don't have transportation can feed their families fresh healthy foods....and oh yeah JOBS JOBS, sure you will have to compete with Widener students in the summer but if you show up to work daily and on time and have a good work ethic then your job is there.....BRING ON THE GROCERY STORE

  7. It would b nice if bottom dollar would open here,there has not been any other supermarket willing to open in this city......But as always when someone wants to put a business in the city,the companies get an negative reception.You wonder why !!!!!

  8. I know the city would like a supermarket but it doesn't mean you just accept any old thing that comes your way. It's going to be in area where you have a hospital a school and a bridge were traffic is heavy everyday. And for the people who are complaining about Nova Vista, it's one of the nicer areas in the city, sometimes I think the city does more harm when they don't listen to good home owners who maintains their properties. If more neighborhoods were like that I doubt the city would as bad as it is. When things like this are proposed in other communities this is what they do, least these people know what's going on in their neighborhood.

  9. I think the market will be a good thing in the neighborhood. The truth is Widener backs it, it shall come to pass! It will bring jobs into the area and revenue for the city. For the residents of Nova Vista ( I have close relatives who live there) you had these same types of concerns when the Rite-Aid came and look how many of you patronize them on a daily basis. If you can live with the dirty and unkept outside appearance of Nazz's Pizza, then Bottom Dollar should not be a concern because they know of your concerns already and I am sure they will do a great job in keeping the parking lots and areas surrounding the store clean. Remember this is Widener and they will not let their brand be tarnished in any way. See you at the grocery store!

    1. Why won't Bottom Dollar locate at 3rd and Franklin or 9th and Highland?

      They want to be within walking distance of Widener students, and within walking distance of a huge number of households. The folk on 21st St and those in Crosby Square ain't complaining, neither are the Stinson Towers and the Palmer House.

  10. They said no to a park, but maybe yes to a Bottom Dollar..Where will people park Stefan? Do some research before you write some of your articles.What will say say if the Bottom Dollar does not flourish and they a empty building there in a few years. For example, Checker's, Rally's,etc. Welcome Bottom Dollar, lol.....

    1. You want me to research the Bottom Dollar parking lot, for real? Attend a zoning board meeting if you are interested in their parking lot.

      This is not an article. I read an article to write a blog post. If you have a problem with the article, contact the Daily Times.

      If Bottom Dollar comes and fails, I'm sure they'll lick their wounds, learn a few lessons, and move on.

      What's your real objection?

    2. The real objection is you approve a Bottom Dollar, but have no understanding for people's views. If it fails, they lick their wounds. I guess like the Shop N Bag that turned into a discount sneaker store blocks away from this location. I guess you would not know that, because you were too busy selling papers out your car.Tax payers should have a voice too, with the criticism from a blogger who does not do his research first....

    3. Wrong again.

      When you research my writings, you'll read that I don't support a supermarket. I support a shopping district with mom & pop owned specialty grocers all on the same block.

      And, I never sold papers out of a car. My paper was free.

      This blog is all about free speech. Keep commenting.

  11. You will see that this will fail!!! Why? Because our people do not support what's in the city Ex. We have one of the best hospitals around the tri state and what do you hear people saying Go to Riddle, Go to Taylor don't go to Crozer. LMAO is sad that some of us have the mentality that WHITE is RIGHT.