Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tyreke Evans has season's best against Sixers

Sorry, but that head was in every shot I took.

I try to make at least one Philadelphia 76ers game a year and I prefer it to be against either Jameer Nelson’s Orlando Magic or Tyreke Evans’ Sacramento Kings. Since the Kings tickets are dirt cheap, I opted to go last night.

Tyreke finally played well at Wells Fargo with a game and season high of 29 points on 11-18 shooting, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and a couple steals. 

The game was the Sixers’ to lose as they got out to an early 19 point lead but lost it in the 3rd quarter before coming back alive in the 4th to capture a decisive win.

In the second half, Tyreke matched up with his draftmate Jrue Holliday in an effort to stop his scoring spree. 

Jrue has gotten better each year and the Sixers have committed to him being here for a while. 

Tyreke has scored less in each of his four seasons with the Kings and it’s very likely that he’ll be playing for a new team by next season. He’s still a great player, but the Kings, with some very good players, are locked near the bottom of the NBA in terms of commitment to winning. 

I hope Evans gets a nice offer with a team that can exploit his unique talents.

During one series, Tyreke ran right over Jrue sending him flying to the floor, with Jrue being called for the foul, showing how much bigger and stronger Tyreke is than most NBA guards. Hopefully, someone with a winning team can work him into their system.

While at the game I had a nice chat with Tyreke’s brother Pooh Evans and former Villanova and NBA player Alvin Williams. I enjoyed my one night at Wells Fargo. 


  1. Sometimes it is hard to get a good shot. You can still crop him out and get the most out of your picture.

  2. One basic cropping rule is to never cut people off at the limbs.

  3. He should be in prison for murder...... He is not a role model.....

    1. Who named him a role model? He's a basketball player.

  4. Home town murder a good basketball player.....