Friday, February 1, 2013

Ruth L. Bennett House restoration begins

Construction has begun on Ruth L. Bennett and Wilson Nursery

The million dollar project with no purpose has begun right on schedule as I told you it would. Notice the fence and the porto-potty. 

Neshaminy Constructors are the general contractors so don't expect any folks around here to be working on the project. 

Will someone please save this gift to the city.

Click HERE for the history


  1. Come on Chester let's get with the program. Get busy making use of this facility. Don't allow the renovation to take place and then go back to ruins because of lack of use. I remember when this was a beautiful place with a purpose. The lawn was manicured and the building was beautiful. There must be an organization in need of some place to do business. Just saying....


  2. What and who is on the board they owe some the community some answers.How could I fine who are the board member so a letter campaign can be developed, please respond so we can save this property.

    1. Either of these ladies should be able to help you. Yvonne Clark. You can find her at the Elks Club. Frances Whittington. You can find her at CEDA.