Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mayor John Linder against illegal guns

Chester Mayor John Linder said he wants President Barack Obama and Congress to help mayors protect their citizens. Last year, 136 firearms were taken off the streets in Chester and there were 23 homicides, he said.

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  1. 136 gun taken off the streets of Chester. How were these guns taken off the streets? Most times the good guys give up their guns and the bad guys are the only ones who have guns. Now, who has the advantage? I'm keeping my gun in case one of the bad guys with a gun decide to break in my home. I don't feel that assault weapons should be readily available to any Tom, Dick or Harry. However, if a law abiding citizen is disarmed how is he suppose to defend himself?

    1. Law abiding citizens can either become a victim or have a shootout with the bad guys.

  2. Thanks, I will abide!