Monday, January 7, 2013

Dog shooting gets more ink than people shooting

Shoot a dog, you get a big story under the editor's spread. Click HERE

Shoot a couple people, you get a couple sentences in News in Brief. Click HERE

Just saying…


  1. Maybe because a dog is one loyal friend to the end.

  2. Because these are completely different kinds of violence. You've been around the block a few times... all these shootings in the city pretty much always involve black men shooting other black men, and almost always it's about money, drugs, women, or a personal beef with one another. Rarely does someone just walk up and shoot someone for no reason.

    If someone went up on another persons property and took their 5 year old kid out into the alleyway and shot them a few times in the head and left them for dead, I'm quite sure it would be reported accordingly.

    Many shootings in Chester barely make news unless there are special circumstances. Maybe a bullet goes through a house and hits someone sleeping inside, the shooting a couple years back outside the apartments at 9th and Lamokin when the little kid got shot... big news. Police involved shootings... big news. Someone firing into a large crowd of people... big news. Bad guys shooting bad guys... not so much, especially if the shootings didn't kill anyone.

    And when some heartless cowards grab someones dog off their property and take it in an alley and shoot it in the head, it's going to be news too. Why? Because I seriously doubt that Dog was selling drugs in someone elses territory. I doubt the dog was sneaking around with someones girlfriend behind their back. I doubt the dog owed them any money. The dog was just being a dog, and to either scare the family and make a point, or because they didn't like the dog, they took it away from the house and shot it. And multiple times in the head? That was done by someone cruel, heartless, and of no value to our society... and eventually, if that is the mindset of the person who did it, they will eventually do that to a person, if they haven't already.

    There's a big difference between the two.

    And lastly, this paper is read by a lot of folks not living in Chester. Read most of the comments on stories about Chester... people have become immune to it. It's not news to them anymore. It happens so often that, even someone like you, you won't remember them all. Even if every one was reported in detail, it's the same story. Person A was walking down the street when Person B walked up on him and shot him. Person B was dressed in all black, with a hoodie, carrying a handgun. Nobody saw anything, and the police have little to go on.

    I've lived in Chester for 15 years, and nothing has changed. It's only gotten worse. There is no respect for life, and no matter how many good people there are, bad people are still going to do bad things, and when something out of the ordinary happens, it's bigger news because it's not ordinary.

    1. True. People crime is too ordinary for those who consume news.

      People love their animals. TV news ends their broadcast with animals and newspapers can't get enough of them. Cat's playing piano still do well on YouTube.

      Don't mess with Fido or Fluffy, or you will be in real trouble.