Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No training camp required for this $50 million

I don’t do celebrity news, but I want to know what y’all think of the $50 million Pepsi is giving  Beyonce. Some pro athletes get contracts like this but they have to get all sweaty and play games to earn that money. All B has to do is 'show up with the make up'. Good for her. 
SURVEY: How does she qualify for such a deal?
  • She’s camera friendly
  • She’s not a trouble maker
  • She is recognized by all ages, genders, and races around the world
  • She’s a great entertainer
  • She needs the money
Since she’s gone solo, she’s always reminded me as being the modern blend of Diana Ross’s grandeur and divaness and Tina Turner's energy and presence.

I bet she’s smart enough to not lose the deal by being seen in public with a can of Coke like Britney Spears did.

‘I can do for you what Martin did for the people’ is one of my favorite Beyonce lyrics. Statements don't get any bolder than that. 

One thing for certain – Blue Ivy will probably have enough money for college now.


  1. This really took some nerve to say: "Some pro athletes get contracts like this but they have to get all sweaty and play games to earn that money. All B has to do is 'show up with the make up'."

    I hope u were kidding because Beyonce is a beast in the entertainment world and if you think dancing in 4 inch heels for 2 hours every night AND day, doing flips, acrobatics and nonstop traveling is "just showing up", than u r sadly mistaken, Sir.

    I'm glad that B is a smart business woman and negotiated a bombass deal. Pepsi made 40 BILLION dollars in 2008.

    B is asking for fraction of their revenue. Not only is she well worth it, but they can afford it.

    "Girls. We run this mutha...."

    1. Slow down.

      1. I doubt that Beyonce is dancing every night and day.
      2. I doubt that Beyonce is non stop traveling.
      3. I doubt if Beyonce asked for anything from Pepsi. More than likely, they asked for her.
      4. I doubt if Beyonce has to work another day in her life, even before this deal.

  2. I agree that ALL Beyonce NEEDS to do is show up with make-up, but that's not what got her this over-the-top endorsement... She has done ALOT of sweating, rehearsing, conditioning, lessons, dancing, singing, entertaining, etc...to get some executive to decide to offer her this deal... TRUST me if the deal is for $50 million, they feel that her persona will insure that they PROFIT much, much more...and with that $50 million deal comes the expectation that she will CONTINUE to do what she has BEEN doing and MORE!!!
    and Yes, Blue Ivy's college is paid for... Wondering if 'B' is donating to charity???

    1. Oh yeah, she put in the work to earn the deal. But this deal isn't like a record label deal where she's committed to creating a certain number of CDs, concerts, and revenue.

      All Pepsi is going to require is for her to 'Show up with the Make Up', and do a half time show at the SuperBowl. I'm sure Pepsi will take good care of her where ever they need her to be.

      Great gig if you can get it, huh?

  3. Stefan, Pepsi did it again! Maybe it would be helpful if some of these folk would read "The Real Pepsi Challenge". They just may see why they should be drinking Pepsi instead of Coke Cola.


    1. Great point LW.

      Hey y'all. Go read 'The Real Pepsi Challenge' book. You'll be surprised the history Pepsi has made with their pioneering efforts to include blacks in key staff positions and with their advertising targeting the black market. Most corporations still haven't caught up to Pepsi years later.

      I may dust that one off and read it again.