Monday, December 24, 2012

Do you own a gun?

59 votes

NO         57%
YES        43%

Guns are big news in 2012. Many of the 500 murders in Chicago are gun related as are the 50 in Camden.  The high powered guns were used in Aurora and Sandy Hook.

My experience suggests that city folk prefer a hand gun or two.  Rural folk like the big guns with hoards of ammunition.  It amazes me how much ammo these folks have, and have no problem telling you they’ve got it while they stockpile more of it. You’d think the ‘Red Coats are Coming’ tomorrow.

Way back in 2010, we did a survey on gun attitudes. Ain’t nothing changed.

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  1. I am a former resident of Chester. I was born and raised there. I lived in the BHP and the Highland Gardens. I left seven years ago for Georgia to pursue better fianancial oppurtunities. I live in a rural area outside of Atlanta. I grew up around guns and was trained at an early age about gun safety. Where I live now is a very heavely armed area. I have a license to carry as most people in my city. there are four gun ranges to practice shooting within ten miles of each other. I've seen fifty caliber guns which only God knows why someone would want one, but my point is since I have lived here there has only been three gun related homicides in seven years. It makes me question is it a gun problem or a social problem.

  2. Do you believe today is Chistmas? Well, I do own a gun and I will not be participating in a buy by program. Plus, I am licensed to carry it! It's legal!

  3. I know you better get one if you don't have one. It's part of your cultural heritage from "down the country" I don't want a license cause if I have a need to carry one I want everyone to be surprised when things jump off. Citizen gun ownership is an integral part of what makes America "the land of the free and the home of the brave". Most folks never knew what made you free and why you had to be brave to be an America; you had to be ready to fight for your life and your freedom. Of course the Black folks understood that implicitly as part of living in this country.

  4. Yes I own several guns and will continue, w/permit to carry

  5. I carry mine very responsibly. I just dont take it anywhere.