Friday, December 14, 2012

CHS Basketball heading to Flordia

SURVEY: Should Chester High basketball team travel around the country?

Votes: 74

YES:  77%
NO: 22%

Close to 8 out of 10 of you don’t have a problem with the # 5 ranked high school  basketball team in the country taking a few field trips to play basketball around the country.

These days, when you’re ranked that high, it’s sort of expected that your team attend these events. The school district isn’t saddled with the entire expense as most of these events have corporate sponsors that help defray the cost.

The CUSD probably has one of the lowest budgets for school sports in the county. Girls and boys basketball, tennis, and track; baseball; and football is all we have.  Tennis, track, and baseball cost very little. Football is expensive so they got rid of most of the coaches. Basketball is probably the biggest line item but even they have a booster club.

For those of you concerned about the cost of travel, relax. They’ve earned these field trips and we should be willing to kick in $5 or $10 each as opposed to bitching and moaning over this wonderful opportunity for these kids to represent the best of Chester across the country. And by the best, I don’t mean just basketball. These are also some of our best kids. (FYI - You can pitch in $5 just by attending a home game).

Enjoy your trip to Florida next week and don’t worry about us up here in the cold and snow. We’ll be okay just knowing you’ll come back victorious.


  1. First of all I have no chrilden in the CUSD ,and I pay my taxes with no problem, but there is a cost to play all over the country, but there is few books for the kids people being let go from jobs but you say it is ok. Bull

    1. I wasn't asked about books and people being let go, so it wasn't me who said okay.

      If you go back, you'll read that I suggested that all sports get nixed if it meant keeping teachers on the job.

      There's a few students who only come to school because they are on a team. If there were more sports and extra curricular activities, there would be more kids staying in school because they were involved in something that was important to them.

      How many students were participating when the CHS band was at it's peak?

      A new saxophone cost more than a basketball.

  2. I guess they can used the money, from them standing in the middle of the street on tag day. To play around the country.

    1. CHS basketball players participated in tag day? That's embarrassing.