Friday, December 28, 2012

23 Chester Murders

For too long, the gun problem and street violence that has scarred the city of Chester has gone unchecked.

That has to stop.

It should be at the top of Mayor John Linder’s and city council’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

Stop the violence.

If what happened in Newtown can command the nation’s attention and spark a national dialog, Delaware County should be able to do the same for the violence that continues to plague Chester.

What makes the horror of Newtown so much different than the slow, daily drip of terror that emanates from the wave of guns in the city?

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  1. The code in Chester don't snitch. The drug abuse in Chester. Having children you can't afford. The mayor and past mayors have and continue to try but the people will not help.... Day light shootings and no one comes forward. Gun control will not help Chester bad guys will always be able to get guns. And when the police act and go after after criminals the people never back the police. And let's not blame the police blame the code...... The judges in Chester need to go, they hold court and allow these criminals back out. Start looking into all the re- arrest and the da office needs to stop making deals..... Until the community stands up and starts to point the finger at the criminals you will continue to see violent crime. The city could double the man power and that would be a start for the city's side. I say the murder rate will continue to be high. Very sad.

  2. It all starts a home. The police can only do so much. They need the help of the community, but the community answer is we don't trust the police. That's a bunch of crap. The code of the street wins most times........

    1. I'm AGREEING with this too ,they can't do everything .

    2. I AGREE with this.they can only do so much..

  3. The real reason there are alot of shootings and other crimes are happening in this city is over "DRUGS".Soon as you hear somebody gets shot or killed you here that old saying "These cops ain't doing there job or what is the mayor gonna do something about these shootings"If you wanna help your community here is a few things you can do ...

    1.Stop buying drugs from the "dopeman"

    2.If you are hang out out on the corners,clean em up

    3.stop wasting your energy being a nobody

    1. A lot of people would disagree with the killings being over drugs. Most believe it's personal issues, not bad drug deals.

  4. The killings are symptomatic of a much deeper rooted problem, HOPLESSNESS! We've got to find a way to change the culture of the community so folks will have a chance to compete life. Most feel the game is over before it starts. It's time to amputate the dead limbs, so the rest of the body can live!


  6. Your right Joe. Stefan your are right too. A lot of the killings are over turf that is related to drugs. These are not bad drug deals going bad, this over turf were drug sales flourish. And some killings are over nonsense.... Double the man power, use all resources. At the same time hold family work shops. The judges need to go, they have to many ties to the folks that live in there neighbors, and it is a small city. Get rid of the crime and jobs will come. Chester can only save itself, the police can't do it by itself......... Stefan you should pick a few gun cases and follow them through the court, and start giving it to the judges and the da office...... How about this, you commit a felony crime, after your done serving your sentence yand are band from the city for life? Other cities in America have done that.


  8. Linder and his top cop are a joke. This is the change we voted for. They have done nothing in one year NOTHING.

  9. Crime, Violence, Illegal gun sells and Drug use is not respective of Age, Creed, or Color!
    Any death is tragic.
    Our response to mass shootings of innocent children is astonishing, upsetting, and shocking, yes!
    Our response to daily Chester city shootings for no apparent reason other than to prove your asinine equanimity of using a weapon is not only depleting our future, but verifying everyone’s perception of our once great city… the contents there of are ILLITERATE, THUG, IDIOTS!!
    I know the real perpetrators of these daily crimes will never read this article or I’m betting any article. But you are the real losers!!
    Killing your brothers, neighbors, classmates, so called enemies, is inner –city genocide.
    Look at all of the fatherless children you are creating. Look at the number of family members you are destroying?? What are you thinking?? Can you even form rational thought??
    Potential lawyers, teachers, doctors??? Do you even think beyond the moment?
    And then what about you- Who has it out for you??
    I agree, the mentality of our youth is created at HOME!! Parents need to be responsible for their children’s actions. Start charging the parents of these juveniles as one…Parent and child receive the same sentences!! You raised irresponsible children; you go down with your offspring!
    The schools… walk through the hallways and listen to your children reciting profanity better than most can pronounce grade level vocabulary! Check your offspring!!
    The only way Chester will turn around, I hate to tell you, is if you summon these parents along with their offspring!
    One bond, One bail!!

  10. I wholeheartedly support your stance ...ANONYMOUS 1:21 PM.
    Just look at how we always cry foul...
    'Da White man is responsible for this' and
    'Da White man is responsible for that' well...
    guess what??
    'Da White man is sitting back comfortably watching
    'Da Black man destroy his own people!!
    Just look how easy and common it is for our youth to refer to THEIRselves as 'B's' and 'N's'. What other culture refers to THEIRown selves with such ignorance???? Your self esteem starts at Home!! Parents tell your children of the struggles made by THEIR grand and great grandparents so that they could even exercise THEIR GOD giving rights to a life of choices, freedom, prosperity and the American Dream!!
    Parents teach your girls not to respond to the 'B' word!!
    Teach your sons not to throw down the 'N word'!!
    Pride, Respect, Dignity and Knowledge is what is attractive,
    it IS an attainable goal!!
    Reach For It!!