Friday, November 9, 2012

City needs outsider to settle internal squabble

Since our city government leaders couldn't figure out how to make a decision, the Mayor decided that a Common Pleas Judge would know best. 

Judge James Proud informed us that the mayor names the police chief but all other city employees can be decided by city council. The mayor can also appoint himself some helpers without city council involvement. 

Now that this is behind us, can we get on to bigger things that really matter?

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And who is this Judge Proud anyway? Oh, he's a Villanova grad. He definitely knows what he's talking about. 

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  1. Sounds pretty fair to me......bygones, please.

  2. start working for the people and if you can't to that then step down and give someone a chance that wants to try work hard. Hope you all can come together..... Grow up!

  3. How much did this cost the city?

  4. they are working hard free people dems are free not

  5. yes the mayor appoints the Police Chief, but City Council can remove or fire any City employee, including the Police Chief.