Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Senior Alert: Medicare Open Enrollment Started Oct 15th

Medicare open enrollment starts today, and AARP is urging Pennsylvania seniors and their families to carefully review their current plans to make sure they're getting the most out of their coverage. 

AARP spokeswoman Cynthia Fagyas says the window of opportunity to make changes comes earlier this year.

"October 15th is early for open enrollment, and it runs 'til just December 7th, so it's an opportunity for seniors to review and make changes to their current coverage."

During open enrollment, Fagyas says, Medicare enrollees can switch plans, add a prescription drug plan or drop Medicare Advantage for a plan under original Medicare. But if you're happy with your current plan, she says, you don't have to do a thing.

Fagyas says AARP has a website with information on Medicare open enrollment, here.

She says there are four factors to consider when reviewing and comparing Medicare coverage. She calls them the four Cs.

"And those four Cs are coverage, cost, convenience and customer satisfaction, when they're thinking about making any changes to their Medicare coverage."

Fagyas cautions that there are some open enrollment options that are not reversible.

"If you do make changes to your coverage, and you drop coverage, you want to do it carefully, because you may not be able to get that coverage back once you make the change."

AARP is also offering free webinars on Medicare open enrollment.

Any changes made during open enrollment take effect January 1.

Tom Joseph

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