Friday, September 21, 2012

These guys aren't Most Wanted

We're regularly reminded of the Most Wanted Child Support Criminals, but you'll never read about these guys until they're arrested. 

Does that make any sense?


  1. child support criminals are known because of their history

    most other criminals are usually caught in the act...or... after being investigated (takes time). then again after investigation (they hide amongst us)

  2. Yes! Dan Lewis you hit the nail on the head! I posted on Stefan's article regarding why are dead beats on the Most Wanted list. Ask any parent attempting to collect past due child support and they will tell you a story of how they have tried year after year to get what is owed their children. Each story is different. I wish Stefan would run a story on how parents in need of child support are getting the short end of the stick...even though not paying child support is a federal offense. If all of the monies added up that is spent by the courts that attempt to collect and the monies owed to the custodial parent, the amounts are significant. I know that I am owed $20,000+ and all of the money that was ordered by the courts to pay medical, uniforms, dental, etc. add it up and I am talking close to $40,000. Then, because Domestic Relations are unable to locate him, my case was closed. It is frustrating...very frustrating.

    1. My question is not asking why dead beats are on the Most Wanted List. My question is why aren't other criminals on the Most Wanted List.