Monday, June 11, 2012

What did Creflo Dollar do wrong?

First it was Eddie Long, now it’s Creflo Dollar. Those black Atlanta mega pastors can’t seem to get a break.
As a dad, I must admit that when I first heard the Creflo story on Friday, even with little facts, I was  on his side. 
I envisioned a teenage spoiled brat mouthing off to her father who works his behind off so she doesn’t have to lift a finger. A daddy can only take so much disrespect, especially in his own house. 
He probably shook her up a little bit to help her come to her senses. He probably never shook her up before and it was a complete shock to her system.
For her to pick up the phone and call 9-1-1 makes me want to give her a spanking. 
Putting your meal ticket in jail for a little daddy discipline shows how out of touch she is. 
Her summer vacation should be spent outside the mansion and in the ‘hood somewhere where families have learned to work things out among themselves. 
As we wait for more facts, if it’s proved that Creflo damn near killed his daughter, he is wrong and deserved a night in jail.
If little princess is embellishing the story because she couldn’t have her way, she should have to spend a day or two or three in the same jail. 


  1. i truly believe in disciplining an unruly child BUT if the allegations are true about him choking her then to me that is physical abuse & i can not condone that type of behavior...

    1. Agreed. Choking should land you in jail. So should lying. Hopefully, the true facts will come out.

  2. A daddy that works his ass off? I would chose other word like a daddy that lies and steals his ass off from loyal church members. I guess that why it's called freedom of speech though.

  3. I think something really bad when down in that house to make him lose his temper.

  4. check that facts of the case quite carefully, It's not just one daughter you are insinuating is lying, it's two. Her 19 year old sister told the police the same story.
    "When the church fails its women"