Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chester Housing Authority officer saves 6-week-old baby during Chester's Mardi Gras

The good news is that officer Jacqueline White saved a baby's life. The bad news is that she almost missed the opportunity because of the annual out-of-control graduation celebration which I call Chester's Mardi Gras as 9th Street mimics Bourbon Street without the beads. 

I was going to leave this one alone since I bring it up every year to deaf ears but we have to get the foolish practice of speeding around town hanging out of cars under control before a head is split open.
Why can't we sanction an organized parade up and down 9th Street after a Chester High School graduation? To allow these kids to hang out of cars and drive around town at high speeds is criminal as the police standby and let much of it go on without any intervention.
I live on 9th Street and often watch in horror from the speed and sudden stops while kids are sitting on roofs, hanging out of windows, sitting on hoods, and more.
Besides the safety issue, I feel sorry for the people on the Septa bus trying to get to work and stuck on 9th street because it wasn't rerouted to another street since it's not a 'real' parade. 
All we have to do is block the street, line the cars up, let them go up and down 9th Street a few times and be done with it. If later they want to speed around town with folks hanging off the cars and trucks, give them a ticket. 
Is that unreasonable?
As Officer White says, "I've never seen anything like it."
Click HERE to read about Officer White saving the baby


  1. Get real, every cop out tries to advise and prevent kids from hanging out of vehicles. You are right about a parade if that's what the kids want and they deserve it after surviving 4 years in that school and the city. It's brave and the right thing to do that is speak up, that's your job and I know every year the city police bring it up. To say that the men and woman who protect this city with what they have to wook with is wrong. Great job saving that baby. And congrats to the senior class.

    1. I am being real. I don't consider myself brave and it's not my job to share my opinion.

      I assume you are a police officer. You can't convince me that y'all must be told to show a lot of tolerance during the celebration or else that practice of driving while hanging out of cars would be stopped cold.

      You might be telling a few of them but you're not stopping enough of them.

      I am glad to hear that city police bring up this issue every year. I'm sure it drives you crazy too.

      If the top brass don't listen to you or I, it's going to take someone falling out of a car and busting their head to get this event under control.

      The kids are going to do what they do until someone with authority has the balls enough to stop this nonsense.

  2. Come on man thisn city is out of control the only sence is the police.............. Without them it is nuts...... We have been lucky that kids have not been hurt or killed...... The police get called for everything except when it comes time to solve a crime..... And the police only have 6 people at one time per shift working to keep this selfish city in check.....

  3. I totally agree with what is being spoken.. Im going to remain anonymous because sometimes you may say the wrong things about stuff hsppening here in Chester and people take it the wrong way, next thing you know it becomes a problem for you, but my point is.... The City needs to stop allowing this; I think this is very dangerous. i am very proud of any child that graduates, it is such an hinor. i know how i felt when I graduated years and years ago but the City I moved from did not allow you to celebrate by riding around hanging out cars. Our City held a paprade the very next day but after graduation night we celebrated other ways. There is so much happening around here that I would guess it is not allowed in the next few places over. So many things that seem out of control and its time the people in authority step up and put a stop to it.. Don't wait until soething happens as Stefan Roots say. I really enjoy your blog and your opinion..... It is time for Chester People to take control and make this place a better place to live and raise your family, alot of history is here and I'm finding that out everyday...