Monday, June 11, 2012

Sears building finally comes down

One of Chester’s longtime abandoned buildings has finally been razed by the City of Chester. 
The old Sears and Roebuck department store had been closed for well over 30 years sitting among other abandoned buildings on Sproul Street near 6th. 
It’s great to see this huge abandoned building removed, and I consider this a victory for the Linder administration who continue to take down dilapidated structures all across town. 
I know that this building has been on the radar for demolition for a number of years but there were some money factors that were unknown because of hazardous material removal. Hazardous material (like asbestos) has the potential to increase costs due to the current price to remove it, the amount of material being hauled away as hazardous, and the type of hazardous waste found. That’s an issue with a lot of old buildings.
The city found the money to get it done which is a big feather in their cap.
I’m always in search of a good story. Hopefully the City can provide some comments to this post to brag on this huge victory against blight. 
If you don’t pat yourself on the back, no one else will. Here’s your chance.