Monday, June 11, 2012

Congrats on 30 years at the Daily Times Phil Heron

I've got better pics of Phil but this one describes Phil best. He is always
 in motion trying to keep his brand in focus for us readers

Phil Heron has been at the Daily Times for 30 years, a feat that hardly any of us can claim the way the job market is chewing out employees everywhere you look.
I first met Phil when I was an employee at the Daily Times and although I was in advertising, Phil took every story idea I ever brought him for Chester and ran them, sometimes in a much bigger way than I expected.
After my short stay at the paper, I stayed in touch with Phil and sought his advice as I started the Chester Spotlight. At our 2 year anniversary party at Harrah's, I invited Phil to be the keynote speaker and he didn't disappoint.
When he put out the call for community journalist, aka Bloggers, I put my hat in the ring and he went for it.
We're learning this new technology stuff together and I appreciate that he's letting me do my thing with no editing or censoring. That doesn't mean that he isn't shaking his head now and then.
My favorite time of the month is our blogger meetings where he has Secane Pizza for us to eat. That's the fuel that keeps me going.
Congrats Phil. Hope you put in many more years.

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