Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s Budget Time at CUSD

The Chester Upland School District board passed a 2012-13 preliminary budget that includes an $ 8.85 million shortfall despite a tax increase. The district projects $ 90.68 million in revenue, but $ 99.53 million in expenditures. The proposed budget raises real estate taxes by 2.7 percent, the maximum increase allowed under Act 1. The tax hike only will provide the district $ 250,000-$ 300,000.
The tax increase will cover the superintendent's salary and benefits.
Acting Deputy Superintendent Thomas Persing said additional funding is needed from the state because the district has exhausted its local revenue and federal revenue has leveled.
He hasn’t gotten the hint yet? The state will not be sending any more money our way.
Extending the Kindergarten program will cost more now, but is an “investment” in the district’s future, Persing said.
This district doesn’t have a future. You better make decisions for right now, not for the future. 
The proposed spending plan was approved by the board, 5- 1, Tuesday during a special meeting at Chester High School. Anthony Johnson said he cast the lone vote against the budget because it was unbalanced. Democrat Cephus Richardson and Republicans Donna Davis and Virginia Pilkington were not present.
Right on Anthony Johnson. The only voice of reason I’ve heard out of the district in a long time.  And for the 3 board members who were not present for the most important matter the school district is faced with, let’s see the note from your parent. It better be a good excuse. 

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  1. The Wire: "They always expect us to do more with less. You cant do more with less. You can only do less with less."

    Its a lot of holes in this clipper ship. Plug em or get a new boat.
    -Chris R.


  3. Mr. Richardson is currently ill in the hospital, that is why he was not there.