Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chichester vs Chester baseball

One of the few swings Chester could muster in the 3rd inning

I had to see them for myself and it’s true that Chester High School baseball is as bad as Chester High School basketball is good.

At today’s contest at the A-field, the game was tied after the first inning 1-1.
In the top of the 2nd, Chichester batted around twice, had 7 hits before the first out, was walked 4 times, hit by a pitch, got on base with 2 errors, and throw in a balk, while each of Chester’s outfielders got horrible jumps on balls that should have been caught.
15 runs and a couple hits later, the 2nd inning finally ended.
Chi’s starting pitcher, Demetrius Muse struck out the side in the bottom of the 2nd and the Chi coaches cleared their bench in the top of the 3rd.
Chi’s new pitcher struck out the sides in the bottom of the 3rd with Chester batters just watching the ball go by with maybe 2 swings between the 3 batters and the game ended at the end of the 3rd due to the mercy rule.
To all my old school Chester High baseballers: Joe Kane, Warren Moore, Dennis Jackson, Jessie Butler, Marvin Maness, Jeff Williams, Tom & John Michaels, Gordon & Anthony Potter, Calvin & Alex Butcher and the others...what a far cry from the days of old. 


  1. Yeah Suff, there seems to be no program for getting kids involved in baseball at an early age. The brand of little league that they play now is different than what we had. Seriously thinking about getting some folks together and having a camp every spring for position players.

    1. Good idea. A camp could make baseball fun for kids who think the game is boring. It could help a kid realize that he is good at the game.

      I was watching Florida vs Kentucky yesterday. Less than 5 blacks between the 2 teams. Sad.

      On a trip to the poconos I went bowling. Sitting in the car waiting for the rain to let up I saw car after car show up with kids going in with bags that were not bowling ball bags. Learned they had a indoor baseball training facility on the top floor.

      I still don't know why those kids weren't in school.

    2. By the way, Chi had two black starters. D. Muse was the starting pitcher who had good speed but a little trouble finding his spots. Actually, he looked bored to death. The other brother smacked line drives deep into the outfield, one that hit the base of the 395 ft. fence.

    3. Chi has a great feeder program baseball starts as teeball on up. chester does not even have a decent field always under water Or the sun is so bright no kid wants to play there . Took their field and built home on the hill Was the greatest Had fields for the babies to the adults. Opening day parades the works now nothing

    4. True.

      So why can't we take our kids to Chi, Brookhaven, or Aston for baseball? It's only a 6 minute drive.

      I like Joe Pro's idea for a baseball camp. We can train a few kids here and and have them join little leagues in the area. If they're good, those teams will take you.

      But the parents have to be involved.