Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chester's 1/4-million dollar pool

This week’s Chester Spirit reports that City Council authorized a $240,000 three-year agreement with Progressive Pool Management, Inc. to provide professional swimming pool management service for the summer seasons of 2012, 2013, and 2014.
I can only assume the following. Hopefully, someone will comment and clarify.
  1. The agreement is for the Memorial Park pool.
  2. This agreement went out to bid and Progressive was the low bidder.
  3. $80,000 is a reasonable price to pay for 3 to 4 months of pool management services each summer.
  4. Pool management services include opening and closing the pool, preventive maintenance, making repairs, cleaning the water, providing chemicals, assigning and paying life guards.
  5. The utility cost of heating the pool, operating the pumps and lights, are not included in this price.

Assuming all the above is accurate, it costs the city $20,000 a month to keep the Memorial Park pool open.
Although that seems like an awful lot of money, maybe that’s a fair price. I don’t have a clue one way or the other. 
In the spirit of making Chester an entrepreneur hub, what would it take to form a Chester company that can provide the same services? 
My guess is that it shouldn’t cost a 1/4 million dollars to operate a pool for 3 summers. If it does, is it worth it, or could (should) that money be used for something else, like maybe an indoor pool that can be used year round?


  1. Yes, this agreement is for Memorial Park and went out for bid. Progressive was the lowest bidder and in the past this is what was paid to maintain the pool. It includes everything you stated above.

    1. Thank you. Really appreciate the response.

    2. But how do you know that the response is from a City Official that is invovled in the project or just another anonymous poster? But I would also add, does the price included Life guards qualified to give swimming lessons, because the majority of the pool patrons cannot swim and that would go toward the saftey issue also....or why not expand the pool so more city dwellers can enjoy it because at it's current size, it gets to crowded too fast...just asking

    3. Everybody is Anonymous. Who knows where the answer came from?

      Life guards don't give swimming lessons.

    4. Anonymous? I use my real name every time I post.

    5. Yes u do use your name everytime.

      I was rounding up. 95 out of 100 is 'all' to me.

  2. Any idea what changes are going to be made at sun village park? I heard they are putting up a pavillion but a pool would b better?