Monday, April 2, 2012

Tonight is an Official Basketball Holiday

Ladies, please hold off on the Honey-Dos tonight if your man is a basketball junkie.
Tonight, Kentucky plays Kansas in the National Championship game for men’s basketball. 
Please be especially sensitive to your junkie if he was unable to see the Final 4 games this past Saturday. One was a 40 minute highlight reel, and the other was a come from behind classic with a photo finish.
Tonight’s game will be a humdinger. Kentucky’s Anthony Davis with his slinky frame and the finesse of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, vs Kansas’ Thomas Robinson with his Sherman Tank approach to attacking the entire production.
I love watching big guys play basketball and Kentucky is as big, as fast, and as good as it gets. 
They will beat Kansas by 9.
And please don’t miss the ladies championship game on Tuesday night. Notre Dame has won some tough games this year, but there has never been anything like Baylor’s Skylar Diggins. I think she could play in the NBA. 
If you’ve never see her, check her out on Tuesday. She’s unbelievable.

1 comment:

  1. My prediction was off by 1 point again.

    I've got to get better.