Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stefan Roots joins Philly In Focus

Some of you may have noticed the Black Books TV page that I snuck on this blog a couple weeks ago. Based on the stats, more than a few of you were curious enough to check it out.  It was supposed to serve as a temporary home of videos created for a new project I'm working on for Philly in Focus but since folks are checking it out, I may leave it there a little while longer. 

What is Black Books TV?

Black Books TV is a product of other Chester City Blog videos being discovered by a group in Philadelphia who host Philly In Focus

They found my videos unique and asked if I had any Philadelphia content that I'd like to publish on their site.

Given the choice, I selected to focus on one of my favorite passions, books.

Since Philly In Focus is a video site, I came up with the name Black Books TV, an obvious theft of BookTV already broadcasting on cable television.

You can find my Philly In Focus channel HERE. While you're there, check out some of the other great content on that site.

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